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Our Services

Whether you need quality ghostwriting services that capture the true essence of your story or a sharp-witted set of eyes that can catch the minute of errors, we’ve got your back!


With lightning-fast turnaround times and creative wordplay, our diverse team of ghostwriters is well-versed in dealing with clients belonging to different genres. Our team of professional ghostwriters is adept at noting and acting on clients’ dynamic requirements, taking all the necessary steps to ensure top-notch product quality.


Editing & Formatting

With a transparent approach to communication and bulletproof security, Amazon Publishing Direct has become the epitome of premium editing and formatting services. Our laser-focused editing specialists leave no stone unturned when it comes to perfecting your manuscript, resulting in a clean, efficient, and end-to-end editing process.


Catching the attention of relevant publishing houses and agents in this competitive age can prove tiresome. That’s where AMZ Publication comes in! We help you get into the good books of publishing houses and make it big with royalty settlements. Not your cup of tea? We can even get you published on Amazon KDP!


Our Experience
Speaks for Itself

After more than 7 years of exploring the literary world, we can proudly say that we’ve become the best at what we do. We’ve dealt with everything from spine-chilling tales of horror to noiresque enigmas

What Our Clients Say About Us

Here’s how our ever expanding web of global clients views us.

Anne Gardner

“I am glad that I trusted AMZ Publication for their ghostwriting services! The team that I worked with managed to maintain a high level of professionalism throughout the timeline of the project and they submitted exactly what I was looking for. Good job guys!”

Emilie Robertson

“Working with AMZ Publication was a pleasure and I can’t imagine receiving better content from any other agency. They managed to deliver exactly what we discussed in the initial brief and kept me in the loop throughout the timeline of the project– perhaps because I was a little reluctant on trusting their writers at first. I take my words back and appreciate the additional effort!”

Bruce Owens

“I needed some help in writing a book for my students. Even though I had a lot of material and resources for inspiration, my schedule didn’t allow me to actually sit down, and fan the flames of a long-lost hobby. Long story short, I stumbled upon this brilliant agency and my students absolutely love my lectures! Naturally, I plan on hiring them again very soon!”

Portia Fey

“AMZ Publication is the best! I am an accomplished writer myself and I was pretty excited to get my work done from these guys. Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give these guys is that I learned a thing or two about writing compelling content throughout the timeline of my project. Of course, this only happened because they kept me in the loop from start to finish. Keep up the good work guys!”

John Sumner

“This is a special shoutout to George and his team in AMZ Publication because they managed to conjure up a well-thought-out memoir for me so I could gift it to my wife on our wedding. To read your own biography as if it was a fairytale is probably the best wedding gift and I know now that the ghostwriters at AMZ Publication are up to the challenge. P.S. my wife loves it!”